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Lock Snapping Explained by Leeds Locksmiths

Brisant Anti-Snap High Security CylindersIn all areas, including Leeds,lock snapping attributes to over 25% of common burglary attacks on uPVC doors. The process of Lock Snapping involves using a simple tool (such as mole grips) to apply excessive pressure to the cylinders weakest point, the centre screw, in an effort to break it, and then turn the cam which opens the lock and allows the perpetrator access to your home. It is a known fact that standard cylinders fitted into uPVC Doors can unfortunately be exploited in this manner in less than 30 seconds.

Why Choose an Anti-Snap Cylinder from Leeds Locksmiths?

In order to protect against Lock Snapping, Leeds locksmith, Neil Byrne, fits Anti-Snap Cylinders. What makes these so special is that they are designed to break approximately 15mm from the end of the cylinder, denying the potential burglar access to the inner mechanism of the cylinder, and preventing them from entering your home.

Anti-Bump Features Explained by Neil Byrne a Leeds Locksmith

Lock Bumping is another common form of attack in the Leeds area on exploitable cylinders. To do this an intruder will use an adapted key and place excessive force upon it; this can break common pin-based cylinders and allow them entry. These attacks tend to leave very little damage and thus may hamper an insurance claim.

Anti-Bumping ensures that even if a specialised key is cut, it will be unable to penetrate the pin system in the cylinders Leeds locksmith, Neil, fits, thus preventing an intruder from entering.


In cases where advanced method of entry is employed, such as lock picking, the intruder attempts to manipulate the pins located within the cylinder, this then allows them to turn the cam and open the lock. This method takes practice, however with the advent of tools such as electric pick guns; this again is becoming a more common method of entry.

However, the Anti-Snap cylinders Leeds locksmith, Neil Byrne, fits employ the use of advanced pins which are shaped like a mushroom or barrel and are notoriously harder to pick due to them feeling as though they have been set, when in fact they have not.


Lock drilling involves a potential intruder using a strong Carbide drill bit or Lock Puller to drill along the Sheer Line of the cylinder to the depth of the key. From there they can either turn the plug with a screwdriver or use a Lock Puller to break the inside of the cylinder. While effective it is an incredibly time consuming and destructive method of entering your home.

The high security cylinders I fit protect against Lock Drilling by using hardened pins within the cylinder, thus preventing an intruder exploiting this weakness found in more common cylinders.

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